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Are you a California Firefighter?





Were you injured while protecting our community from disaster? 

If so, it may be in your best interest to contact us, where we work to help injured firefighters obtain the compensation and benefits they deserve.


Our workers' compensation attorneys believe that as public safety workers who protect our community from harm, firefighters deserve to have legal professionals on their side who are truly passionate about what they do.

Firefighters are often of the mindset that injuries are just part of the job, and while you may be placing yourself in danger, it's important to prioritize your health and give yourself the time off until you're ready to work again. For public safety employees, there is no time limit on this, and 100% of your average weekly wage will be paid to you until you're healthy enough to work again. Once we know what tier your injury falls under, we will establish the compensation package that you deserve.

We understand the stress that you are likely experiencing after being unexpectedly injured in the field of duty. As such, when you retain our representation, we will address each of your concerns and answer each of your questions in order to help you obtain the peace of mind that you deserve. We will put your needs and the needs of your family first every step of the way. Should you choose to hire our firm, we will work tirelessly to help you recover the maximum compensation possible.

Regardless of how complicated your case may seem, you can be confident that if you work with us, we will put our best foot forward to help you obtain the maximum amount of recovery for your injuries. You don't pay us unless we win!

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