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Disabled or injured on the job?

Secure the benefits you deserve

Disability attorneys serving

The Greater San Jose Area

Social Security Disability (SSDI) &

California Workers Compensation

We know the Rules!

Can You Get Workers’ Comp If You’re Exposed to COVID-19 at Work?

Answer: Yes you can.

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Thin Stripes


The Carlo Law Group


We are a San Jose disability law firm with many years of experience in the community helping thousands of clients with severe disabilities and work injuries get the compensation and medical benefits they need.

Our attorneys are very experienced at securing benefits for clients that have had their Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Workers’ Compensation claims denied or delayed. 


We are highly skilled in the more complex areas of disability law such as the Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust Fund (SIF/SIBTF).

Our law firm was founded in 1999 and the philosophy

that guides our firm rests with the ancient basis of virtue:

Truth, Beauty, Unity and Justice. 

We handle all matters in accord with this philosophic base.


Our firm expects fully truthful presentations of fact from both our clients and adversaries. We work on a team basis to obtain justice for our clients who are very often the underdog (the disabled claimant against the insurance company or federal government). This theme represents a core belief and philosophy of our attorneys and staff.


Federal Social Security


Federal Social Security Disability Cases


Federal Supplemental Security Income Cases


Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust Fund Cases

California Workers' Compensation

Medical Care

Temporary Total Disability

Vocational Retraining

Permanent Disability

Death Benefits

Interplay Between a Cumulative Trauma Work Injury and a SSDI Filing

“You changed my life!

I thought I would never get my disability.

Thank you so much!



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